Signed by the Author on the title page, no inscription. First printing thus. Revised and expanded version of the novel first published in 1960 by Galaxy Publishing

Philip Jose Farmer’s decided during the fourth grade that he was to be an author. Farmer had a gift for weaving themes of theology, sexuality, and adventure into a wonderfully weird and poignant literary tapestry. He had a truly unique voice and vision, which is exemplified by his novella about a sexual tryst between a human and an extraterrestrial in the novella The Lovers which won him his first of three Hugos. Farmer sparked both celebration and controversy with his novel Venus on the Half-shell, where, with permission, he wrote as the voice of Kilgore Trout, a fictional science fiction authors of Kurt Vonnegut’s design. For a short period of time, the work was attributed to Vonnegut, who was none too pleased and was known later to have regretted allowing Farmer to publish, even though the novel’s reception in the literary community was quite warm.

Among his many honors, Farmer was named the SFWA Grand Master in 2001, and in that same year was given the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.