Limited Edition. Signed by Author and Artist. LIZARD SKIN bound state (RAREST STATE). Signed by the author, Stanley Mullen, and by Roy Hunt, the book’s illustrator. 1,000 numbered and signed copies were bound in cloth, 30 “deluxe” numbered and signed copies bound in red leatherette, and 10 copies signed and numbered and bound in full blue lizard skin. The lizard skin state of this book is a legendary rarity among science fiction specialty press collectors. THIS COPY IS NUMBER “3” AND WAS ROY HUNT’S COPY. The cloth state of this book was distributed by Shasta Publishers. This full blue-black lizard skin state not listed in Chalker and Owings.
Moonfoam and Sorceries is a collection of stories by artist, author, and publisher Stanley Mullen. In 1959 Mullen won the Hugo Award for his short story “Space to Swing a Cat.” Although Mullen yielded a large body of short stories, he only provided three full-length books during his career. Mullen was frequently published in Planet Stories, as well as a number of other pulp magazines of the time.
Mullen was deeply entrenched in the sci-fi community, not only as a content creator but as a producer. Mullen was the owner of Gorgon Press, a small press publisher that he instituted in 1948. Mullen released a short-lived fanzine named The Gorgon, after his company, which only released 11 issues in total. Along with his literary works, Mullen was a celebrated artist, and today has a series of painting as a part of a permanent collection at the Denver Art Museum.

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