Twilight Eyes Dean R. Koontz (Signed Presentation Copy)

“When one day ends, the next begins, for in this infinite universe there is no final conclusion to anything, definitely not to hope.”
Dean Koontz, Twilight Eyes

Author’s Presentation Copy. Signed and inscribed by the Author, “To — –, Great teacher, mentor, friend. Here’s something very different for me, [several more lines were written] [signed] Dean R. Koontz 12/15/85”. Dust Jacket wraparound cover art by Phil Parks.

Originally titled Land of Enchantment, Dean Koontz’ Twilight Eyes follows the monster murdering rampage of its protagonist Slim. The title is a reference to Slim’s enchanted eyes that allow him to see through the veil the goblins hide behind, as well as giving him prophetic visions of the future.
Dean Koontz is a celebrated author that has topped the chart of the New York Times Best Seller List a whopping 14 times for both hardcovers and paperbacks and has sold over 450 million books to date. Koontz’s literary career spans many genres focusing on horror and suspense fiction early on and diversifying to satire, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy in his later works.

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