The History of Civilization by Edward E. Smith, PH.D (Signed, First Edition)

This set contains six volumes of the “Lensman” series: Triplanetary; First Lensman; Galactic Patrol; Gray Lensman; Second Stage Lensmen; and Children of the Lens. First edition thus. Limited to 75 numbered and signed six-volume sets, this set number 60 of 75. All volumes numbered and signed, the first volume also inscribed as follows: “To Melvin ___, Dear Melvin, I appreciate most sincerely your liking my stuff well enough to subscribe to the “History”. Thanks a million, [signed] Doc (Edward E. Smith, Ph.D.)” Brown leather backed maroon cloth covered boards, spines lettered in gilt, top edges stained light purple. One of the field’s truly legendary rarities. Owings & Chalker called this set, “A collector’s daydream.”  

The History of Civilization is a phenomenal set that presents Smith’s Lensman series. The Lensman series is a literary triumph that was the runner-up for the 1966 Hugo Award for Best All-Times series, second only to Isaac Asimov’s seminal Foundation series.

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