Lord Horror by David Britton (First Edition) Harlan Ellison signed

Lord Horror makes most horror fiction look tame and safe. Awesomely grotesque, unstoppably imaginative, hideously funny, it’s a truly dangerous book.”  – Ramsey Campbell  

[1989] First Edition. Harlan Ellison’s copy, with his signed bookplate to front pastedown (unread and without his blindstamp). HC w/DJ.    

 David Britton was an accomplished and controversial author and co-founder of the subversive Savoy Books publishing house, as well as two small press magazines Weird Fantasy and Crucified. Regularly in contention with British authorities, Britton actually served jail time for publication considered “obscene”.   

Originally published in 1990 Lord Horror was a hugely controversial novel that was the last book banned in the UK where it was withheld from 1991-1992. The piece, although clearly satirical in nature, was seen as wildly offensive as it used Nazi propaganda to tell the story of WWII traitor Lord Haw-Haw (radio broadcaster William Joyce) who takes the moniker of Lord Horror in the novel

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