The Way Down the Hill & The Pink of Fading Neon Tim Powers; James P. Blaylock (Signed Author’s Copy) #2/50

Axolotl doubleback. Limited, #2 of 50 leather bound copies. AUTHOR’S COPY, inscribed on the front free endpaper, “My personal copy given to me by the publisher, [signed] Tim Powers.” SIGNED on the limitation pages by both Authors and the Introducers, Edward Bryant & Charles De Lint. Grey leather with silver foil lettering on the covers. 66pp. Not issued in dust jacket. Private Press, Fantasy.

As is typical in the work of Tim Powers, The Way Down/The Pink of Fading Neon is a work in the style of “secret histories”. This literary genre expresses an alternate, or revisionist, interpretation of a historical event that has been ignored or intentionally suppressed by scholars. These events may be real or fictional, but the motive of a fresh interpretation is to enlighten the audience to a perspective they would have otherwise been ignorant. For Tim Powers, a secret history novel would include supernatural elements, creating a piece that sits happily among other works of fantasy and sci-fi. Powers had close relationships with other significant authors of the sci-fi community, including Philip K Dick. In Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which was later produced as the Bladerunner series, the character “David” was based on Powers. In Power’s novel Declare he explained his view on history and the way that he engaged with it in his works, “I made it an ironclad rule that I could not change or disregard any of the recorded facts, nor rearrange any days of the calendar – and then I tried to figure out what momentous but unrecorded fact could explain them all.

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