Stand on Zanzibar John Brunner (Author’s copy) (First edition)

“It’s [a] common platitude that knowledge is neutral but every now and then it would be useful if it was on your side and not theirs.”
― John Brunner

First Edition. Author’s copy with his bookplate to pastedown. Also, his handwritten and signed party invitation for the Publication “July 17th”, on his home stationary tipped in to the ffe. “Publication is on the 17th of July + we’re having a small party to celebrate. How about coming up and having a bite to eat with us beforehand? Shall we say 6PM Sharp? Best John B…”. A fantastic piece. Hugo Award Winner for Best Novel, 1969. Dystopian novel of Earth in 2010.

Stand on Zanzibar is a highly-acclaimed novel that won that won both the Hugo Award for Best Novel and the BSFA Award in 1969, as well as the Prix Tour-Apollo Award in 1973. One of the unique features of the of this work is the time Brunner spent on the development of the world in which it is set. The novel has a rich and compelling narrative that is only enhanced by the intermittent chapters that are solely dedicated to the reader’s emergence into the highly-detailed future world. The central plot of Stand on Zanzibar is focused on overpopulation, and the potential destruction wrought from its imbalance, through the eyes of two New Yorkers in the year 2010.

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