Imajica Clive Barker (Signed)(Limited Edition w/Slipcase)

“We’re too much ourselves. Afraid of letting go of what we are, in case we are nothing, and holding on so tight, we lose everything else.”
– Clive Barker, Imajica

Slipcased. Limited Edition. 1/500. Signed by Author [illustration by Kirk Reinert].
Imajica is the triumphant work of fantasy author Clive Barker who is known to have considered it his favorite work. In the story, Earth is just one of the five worlds that comprise the solar system of Imajica. Each world and its inhabitants are significantly different from one another, but that does not change the fact that their past, present, and futures are wholly connected and dependent on one another. Clive Barker is a celebrated author who gained notoriety through the adaptation of his novels into two feature film series:Hellraiser and Candyman.

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