Parsifal The Legend of the Holy Grail by Rolleston, Willy Pogany Art

Tonight we also present new arrivals featuring the art of Willy Pogany (August 1882 – 30 July 1955) the noted, beloved Hungarian illustrator. Dulac, Everett, Rountree and Wyeth, he is best known perhaps for his Nouveau expressions of fables, myths and fairy tales – nymphs, pixies, flora and fauna rendered in exquisite detail. In 1914, Pogany’s illustrations appeared on the cover of Metropolitan Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Harper’s Weekly, Hearst’s Town and Country, Theatre Magazine and American Weekly. Within the years following, he he worked for the Metropolitan Opera designing sketches, scenery and costumes. His illustrations for books however, remain the most accessible, collectible and treasured of his art forms.

Each of these and many others Pogany works, found on our website, highlight his exceptional finesse and delicate treatment of lush, dreamy scenes. In the coming weeks, stay tuned for even more Pogany riches, as we continue a series of Fine Illustration Art masters.

Parsifal: The Legend of the Holy Grail by Rolleston with Willy Pogany Art. London: G. G. Harrup, 1912


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