Clark Ashton Smith First Edition- Nero and Other Poems – Futile Press, 1937 with Signed Poem

“There have been times when only a hair’s-breadth has intervened betwixt myself and the seething devil-ridden world of madness; for the hideous knowledge, the horror- blackened memories which I have carried so long, were never meant to be borne by the human intellect. ”
― Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith. Nero and Other Poems. Lakeport, California: Futile Press, 1937. Small 8vo, near fine condition, with ‘The Price of Poetry’ insert and Clark Ashton Smith signed leaf with poem ‘Outlanders’ to David Warren Ryder. One of 200 copies, publisher’s original quarter cloth and paper boards. As a poet, Smith is grouped with the West Coast Romantics alongside Ambrose Bierce, Joaquin Miller, Sterling, Nora May French, and remembered as “The Last of the Great Romantics” and “The Bard of Auburn”

Chant to Sirius
The Eldritch Dark
The Winds
Retrospect And Forecast
The Song of A Comet
To the Darkness
A Dream of Beauty
A Song of Dreams


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