HORRORSTORY, edited by Karl Edward Wagner. Novato/Lancaster: Underwood-Miller, 1989

Exceptional, Signed, Limited Edition (267 of 350) signed by 33 of the contributors, in a custom purple cloth-bound traycase. Stories from the original DAW paperbacks, and Year’s Best Horror Stories, featuring authors such as Joe Lansdale, Dennis Etchison, Robert Bloch, Stephen King, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, Tanith Lee, Harlan Ellison, Lisa Tuttle, Robert Aickman, Jack Vance and many others.
American writer, poet, editor and publisher of horror, science fiction, and heroic fantasy, Karl Edward Wagner, was born in Knoxville and originally trained as a psychiatrist. His contributions to the genre include numerous dark fantasy and horror stories, and an editor, he created a three-volume set of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian fiction (restored to its original form as written). Known also for his character Kane, the Mystic Swordsman, here we present a rich collection of the best of the best, edited by Wagner himself.



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