Roy G. Krenkel ‘The Snake God’ In Ink Pencil

Roy G. Krenkel Original Art – ‘The Snake God’ ink and pencil, two drawings circa 1970, initialed ‘Sword and Sorcery’ artwork 10″ x 6″

Roy G. Krenkel, Hugo Award Winner, master penciler, iconic illustrator, cover and interior artist of many greats: perhaps most notably, the ‘second wave’ 1960s revival of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ stories. Born in the Bronx, his studies in art were interrupted by service in WWII. Upon his return to NYC, he dove back into art classes, under tutelage of Burne Hogarth, and by the 1950s found himself illustrating for comic book publishers and pulp publications. Ace editor Donald Wolheim was struck by Krenkel’s style in Burrough’s fan publications such as Amra and ERBdom, where he found an evocative style reminiscent of the great J. Allen St. John. The 1962 At the Earth’s Core and The Moon Maid, Krenkel’s first for Ace, were instant successes. Despite this, Krenkel felt pressured to continue this echo of St. John in further work, though he did not succumb to mimicry, continuing to express his unique line and style in his Ace work for Wolheim, his Canaveral hardcover releases, and countless works for fanzines and fans alike.


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