Farmer, Philip Jose. Dayworld, 1984-85 Manuscript proof with many corrections in the author’s hand

“These people who expect to be saints in heaven, though they were not on Earth, have ignored the wisdom of the founders of the great religions. This wisdom is that the kingdom of heaven is within you and that you do not go to heaven unless you are already in it. The magic must be wrought by you and you alone. God has no fairy wand to tap the pig and turn it into a swan.
People ignore this. And those who believe in sinners burning in hell are, perhaps, not so much concerned with going to heaven as with being sure that sinners-–others-–roast forever in the flames.”
― Philip José Farmer

The entire proof copy including some additional, original manuscript pages, with a complete Xerox copy of the novel as sent to his publisher. Page numbering at the top is erratic, yet does conform to the published version of the book (page numbering changed with additions and corrections along with some of the chapter breaks). Several original, typed manuscript pages, with heavy pencil and ink corrections. Many sheets are reproduced copies or have been typed on the back of miscellaneous surplus paper the author had at hand. These include many from the third Riverboat novel, “The Dark Design”, along with correspondence, part of a family genealogy and plain scrap paper.

The cover letter addressed to his publisher states that he is not really happy with the manuscript but it submitting it as it stands due to time constraints.

Included is a First Edition copy of the book, with Farmer’s grandson’s blind stamp, inked initials and inked comment at rear page.



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