Mystery Adventures

Mystery Adventures November 1935
Classic Norman Saunders Cover

For this striking issue, Norman Saunders (Under the Blaine Pseudonym) paints arguably the most explicit Sado-erotic cover ever done for a mainstream Pulp Magazine. Contents include ‘Invisible Dagger’ by Bedford Rohmer (written by an unknown writer using the name Bedford Rohmer, combining two of the best pulp writer’s names of the time together into his penname) and ‘World Tube Murders’ by R.F. Starzl.


Mystery Adventure June 1936
Cover art by Norman Saunders

Zenith Rand, Planet Vigilante is a collection of three short stories by Richard Tooker published in Mystery Adventure Magazine between June and October 1936. Classified as science fiction adventure stories, or what would later come to be called Sword and Planet fiction. Zenith Rand is a space pilot of the Terran Star Patrol in the fiftieth century. He’s a Buck Rogers type hero although the stories seem to revolve as much around sex as adventure.

Richard Tooker wrote one of the prize-winning essays in the contest launched by Hugo Gernsback, “What Science Fiction Means To Me” (June 1929 Wonder Stories). With the onset of the Depression and heavy family commitments from 1930 onwards, Tooker established a literary service to help writers develop their manuscripts and, in some cases, to ghostwrite stories. He was approached by Henry Kuttner, who sought his help in rewriting and abridging his early stories, though Tooker refused.


Mystery Adventure Magazine July 1936

Mystery Adventure Magazine July 1936

Saunders Bondage – High Grade Scourge of the Desert. A simply incredible copy of this classic pulp with a gorgeous, sexy Saunders illustration.


Mystery Adventures August 1936

Mystery Adventures, August 1936 Featuring a Classic Saunders Good Girl Art cover as well as a Zenith Rand story



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