Anne McCaffrey Dragonflight (Signed)(First U.S. edition)

“Who wills, Can. Who tries, Does. Who loves, Lives.”

Anne Inez MCaffrey (1926-2011), the American born Irish writer best known for her Dragonriders of Pern series, was the first woman to win a Hugo Award for fiction, as well as the first to win a Nebula Award. In 2005, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America named McAffrey it’s 22nd ‘Grand Master’, an extraordinary award to living writers of fantasy and science fiction.

Dragonflight, first in the series, is offered here today in first edition state, signed. It was ranked in 1987 as 9th best fantasy novel of all time. Though some of posted that McAffrey fits squarely into ‘planetary romance’ subgenre of sci fi, McAffrey herself considered most of her work science fiction and enjoyed “cutting them short when they call me a ‘fantasy’ writer (remember that in her books, the dragons were genetically engineered by the Pern colonists).

She goes on to say: “I started writing sci fi in the late 50s/early 60s, when readership was predominately male. And their attitudes unreconstructed. (Women) began reading sci fi and fantasy and by preference, women writers. My stories had themes and heroines they could, and did, relate to. I never had any trouble with editors and publishers. I had trouble getting male readers to believe I was serious, and a good enough writer to interest them.”

Dragonflight is a fix-up of novellas, including the two for which she was awarded, as mentioned earlier but which merits repeating, the Hugo and Nebula. Dragonflight chronicles the story of Lessa, the sole survivor of the noble ruling family of Ruatha Hold on the northern continent of Pern. When the rest of her family is killed by a cruel usurper, Fax, she survives by disguising herself as a menial servant, partly through simply taking on a worn appearance, but also by using hereditary telepathic abilities to make others see her as older and less attractive than she actually is. Her only friend: a watch-wher, a somewhat telepathic animal related to dragons.

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