Lest Darkness Fall Emsh Original Cover Art Painting

This is a framed original artwork, with the addition of the mock-up, for L. Sprague de Camp’s iconic work:
‘Lest Darkness Fall’. Interestingly, the dustjacket work for the first edition is far less compelling than this, the dynamic scene that Emsh has created for the 1963 Pyramid softcover.

Emsh, or properly Ed Emshwiller, was an creator of American science fiction and fantasy artwork as well as experimenter filmmaker.

Educated in Paris and New York, his iconic style is vibrant,dynamic, detailed and decidedly varied in technique and painterly style. His talent afforded a wide range and breadth of outcomes for the imaginative stories within. An early Hugo Award winner, Emsh was the third artist to be inducted in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. His papers are held at the California Institute of Arts.



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